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Why Franchise with Crispy Meal ?

  • Crispy Meal Gives You Franchise & Supports You with the Proper Training & Technical Support Services.
  • Supplying the Ability of Using Plans & Techniques of Well Known Brand Name & Trade Mark.
  • Ability to Serve the Best to Your Clients Using Our Variety Of Products.
  • Ability to Reach Current & Future Clients.
  • Ability to Reduce the General Expenses & Raise the Level Of Income.
  • Ability to Expand the Workload by Adding New Products & Services to Your Project.
  • Data Flow & Support By Continuous Training.
  • Reduce the Risk Of Management Failures.




Crispy Meal Franchise

Crispy Meal offers the possibility to work with many investors since its founded till present day, and during this period we have signed many successful agreements.
Our goals is to establish crispy meal fast food chain restaurants in all cities of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our Targeted Countries Plan

Gulf Countries, Iraq, Jordan, Libya, Sudan, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Turkey and European Union.

Type of Crispy Meal Franchise

Normal Franchise

For one restaurant only.

Special Franchise

For several restaurants as per agreement.

Master Franchise

For whole city or area restricted to only one partner.

Don't leave your chance to build the future of success with us

  • Fill in the form.
  • Scheduling an interview.
  • Feasibility study.
  • The Signing of contracts and fees.
  • Site selection.
  • The technical study.
  • Implementation sites and supervision.
  • Training and operating phases of the pre-opening.
  • Opening & Support.

Steps to Obtain

Crispy Meal Franchise

Summary of

Crispy Meal Franchise

  • U.S $ 40,000 for each branch.
  • Technical support Fees 6% of the total sales monthly.
  • 22$/- for the special crispy meal recipes [ for more than 100 meals ].
  • win-win participation.
  • Technical support continuous.
  • Provide the necessary raw materials for the operational process.
  • training based on scientific basis.
  • processing team capability to take responsibility for the administration and operation.
  • permanent product development.
  • continuous monitoring of restaurants.
  • Participate in marketing campaigns to support restaurants.

Crispy Meal

Roles of Franchising

The Role of Partner

Crispy Meal Franchise

  • To achieve financial goals and personal goals.
  • Brand protection.
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