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C.E.O Message

A limited liability company based in kingdom of Bahrain.

Crispy Meal Gives you an opportunity to start your own business, with a fast grow tactics through crispy meal fast food chain restaurants.

We develop our structure by applying customer satisfaction standards.

We believe that success comes only by working on the right strategies and techniques .

We are moving on the path of Food Security System & Quality Management.

Our Well Experienced Crew Who are giving us the strength to move on our path.

Mouhammed Hamed Alhussaini

Crispy Meal – C.E.O.

Our Vision

  • Crispy Meal Working to Raise the Level Of Quality Without Compromising the Minimum Value Of Their Values.
  • Crispy Meal Working to Add New Chains Of Restaurants & Agents.
  • Crispy Meal Working to Provide the Best Customer Ownership Through a Variety Of Products.
  • Ability to Reach Current & Future Clients.

Mission Statement

  • Is to Achieve The Goal of Always forward to renew & Develop the Company Structure within Applying HACCP Standards.
  • Continue to Provide better products and better prices compared to competitors.
  • Building a successful network of franchisee for Crispy meal Restaurants in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Kingdom of Bahrain G.C.C Countries & European Union.

Why Crispy Meal ?

  • Crispy Meal Gives You Franchise & Supports You with the Proper Training & Technical Support Services.
  • Supplying the Ability of Using Plans & Techniques of Well Known Brand Name & Trade Mark.
  • Ability to Serve the Best to Your Clients Using Our Variety Of Products.
  • Ability to Reach Current & Future Clients.
  • Ability to Reduce the General Expenses & Raise the Level Of Income.
  • Ability to Expand the Workload by Adding New Products & Services to Your Project.
  • Data Flow & Support By Continuous Training.
  • Reduce the Risk Of Management Failures.

Future is Yours

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