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What is the meaning of the franchise ?

It is the establishment or person who is a second party of the agreement with owner of the brand and the system, who uses his rights on the basis of the agreement obtained on human of the name and brand in a particular area which is agreed upon.

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What is Franchise ?

Franchise is to grant the right to use the name and trade Mark to the investor independently by the owners of crispy meal brand name, in exchange for a certain limits, and these conditions provide the name and trade mark to the investor information support and technical and administrative support ongoing.

Why Franchise with Crispy Meal ?

  • Crispy Meal Gives You Franchise & Supports You with the Proper Training & Technical Support Services.
  • Supplying the Ability of Using Plans & Techniques of Well Known Brand Name & Trade Mark.
  • Ability to Serve the Best to Your Clients Using Our Variety Of Products.
  • Ability to Reach Current & Future Clients.
  • Ability to Reduce the General Expenses & Raise the Level Of Income.
  • Ability to Expand the Workload by Adding New Products & Services to Your Project.
  • Data Flow & Support By Continuous Training.
  • Reduce the Risk Of Management Failures.

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